You will discover in Paphos the Russia you love

Paphos has become the new attraction for Russian buyers and entrepreneurs to buy both luxury homes and investments. Russians now choose Paphos as the ideal place for their residence, which they see as their Mediterranean paradise. The town of Paphos and the entire province is the safest, secure area on the island where one can live, work or holiday.
The new developed services offered by the Paphos region in terms of administration, organization, banking, tax, law, as well as the low cost of living give Russian businessmen the opportunity to create a base for their business compared to the other towns in Cyprus and abroad.
This has contributed to the planning of construction of a hospital in Paphos in cooperation with the Russian Government, announced by the President of Cyprus in Moscow last month, where innovative methods for the treatment of cancer will be implemented.
Russian schools, local radio stations, television channels (on air soon), newspapers and magazines, as well as many new shops with Russian products, operate in the Paphos district. Paphos International Airport now connects Russia with several flights (Rossiya, Globus, Pobeda Airlines etc), throughout the year, encouraging and inspiring buyers, property investors, businessmen as well as tourists.
Russians feel very welcome in Paphos where people are very hospitable and friendly with both culture and religion being similar. Concerts, theater and music festivals are often organized as well as religious functions. At present the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort together with the Russian Cultural Center is organizing the concert "Music of the Wartime".
The existence of five international golf courses, infrastructure and new road network, amazing weather and perfect climate along with the new cosmopolitan culture in the entire region, has increased the daily turnout of Russian buyers, businessmen and tourists establishing Paphos as their new favorite and beloved town.
Photo: Paphos the preferred town of Russians



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