Putin has approved the operation of our three new consulates in Russia

The goverment's decision to launch three new General Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus signed by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin according to a communication from the official website of the Russian Goverment.
The decision was signed on March 21 and provides for the acceptance of the recommendation of the Russian Foreign Ministry to establish three more consulates in the cities of Cyprus Ekaterinburg in the Urals,Volga and Samara in Krasnodar in southerm Russia in order to cover the widest area of the Russian population.
The relevant  news including broadcast and specialized portals and travel.ru cyprus-russia.ru to note that so far operated only two consulates in Cyprus in moscow and St.Petersburg,while "new consulates will be especially useful to those tourists whofor various reasons can not use the online system for issuing visas to Cyprus ,so you no longer have to travel for his purpose in Moscow.



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